Greetings Amazon Studios

My name is Omar Tyree, a New York Times bestselling author with close to 30 book titles on your web site from Simon & Schuster, UrbanBooks, KoehlerBooks and the Ebook Nation. My production team is very excited to contact you at Amazon Prime in effort to secure a streaming relationship as we now head into a more audiovisual world with film, television and soundtrack music projects, starting with the launch of our film Monologues, a groundbreaking docudrama inspired by the billion-dollar film, Joker.


For the months of April and May, we had great plans established for a national, Red-Carpet screening tour, followed by director Q&As in ten major American cities that had already been negotiated in large, rented theaters in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Chicago and Charlotte, with our final dates in Oakland and Los Angeles before the unfortunate crisis of the Coronavirus halted our plans for large screen gatherings.


Our goal is to establish a national film audience and following while showing and proving how successful and lucrative we could become with our launch project and many more that we have to come. We now reach out to your team earlier than we desired, with a worldwide streaming and theatrical relationship in mind as our necessary transition, particularly with your team at Amazon. We feel that a relationship with you in film, television and soundtrack music would be a perfect home for us with so many of my popular urban books already being sold on your web site, including Flyy Girl, Leslie and Just Say No!, which will all produce spectacular and lucrative films in the future, along with our original content, primarily for a young, African-American and Hispanic audience.


As the West Philadelphia born and raised journalist and author who created the term, brand and momentum for “urban books,” starting in the early 1990s—which quickly grew into a multi-million dollar publishing establishment nationwide, we would love to begin serious conversations with you at Amazon about transitioning the name and brand of Omar Tyree into a major film, television and soundtrack music content to add to the books that you already sell.


Please advise. We would love to hear back from you…


~ Omar Tyree

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